Jason Frost

Food Verification System

UX/UI Design & Branding

01 / What is Go-Halal?

Go-Halal was a database system that cleanly and efficiently allowed restaurants/eateries to verify if they were elligible to be Halal certified.

I was brought in to help design the branding and user experience of the system.

Halal is an Arabic term, which means “allowed” or “permitted”. The term, Halal is used to indicate that an object or an action is permissible to be used or engaged in accordance to the Islamic Law. In the food industry, the Halal logo is widely used to indicate food products that can be consumed by Muslims. Similarly, eating establishments such as restaurants or cafes display the Halal logo to indicate the dishes that they serve can be consumed by Muslims.

02 / Research & Process

Initially the research stage of this project was quite overwhelming. I was given a tremendous amount of research, survey results, interviews and user feedback from Retriva's first platform, not to mention a lot of opinions and ideas of what this product should be. I had to take a step back and learn a lot more about the industry to ensure I could tackle this properly.

After getting up to speed and asking a lot of questions we moved forward by breaking down all the information and data that we had. We took this information and put it up against the objectives we had from the business and outlined the MVP.

We then moved into creating users journeys based on a range of personas. Once we were happy with that stage we moved into wire framing and prototyping.

03 / Colour & Identity

Choosing the colours was a very important part of this project. I spent a lot of time looking into colour psychology and exploring how a certain palette would make users feel. As users would be inputting personal details, opinions, thoughts and emotions it was very important they felt this information would be secure.